The Business Of Self-Defense – These 3 Items Go Along Way.

If you don't have the following three items for your self-defense business then you're probably just getting by.

1. A Point Of Sale For Your Prospects

People are so conditioned to purchase online in today’s market that the old school way of setting the “enrollment conference” is like typing on a type writer. If you have to use it, it can work, but it’s slow and behind the times.


It’s great to set the appointment and try to close the prospect in person but guess what can get in the way? Life!  Have you ever had some one so eager to purchase you would bet that it was a for sure deal then they no show? Even if you do everything right with reminders, follow ups ect.. people forget, tires go flat, traffic was bad, worked late, kids are sick missed the turn and well you get it.

People today even buy sandwiches and pizza online because that’s today’s world. I want it and I want to purchase it now.  Everyone has a cell phone and 247 internet access so you MUST have an option for them to purchase your programs without making it mandatory to come in and pay you.

You want to be able to make a sale even when you are asleep. There is a prospect web surfing at 11:30 at night for self-defense programs in your area and he likes your C.O.B.R.A. site. He is motivated to hit the “buy” button but he can’t find it. He then loses interest and never follows up. This happens more than you might think so what’s the solution? Create an online store with products, descriptions and a checkout point.

Don’t want to do that for what ever reason then use You can add it to social media posts, email blasts and just about anywhere. It’s very easy and it’s a free service plus. It also gives a full description, contact info and a way to immediately purchase your program.

You can also check out this service: Splash.

2. A Fully Updated Website


That sounds straight forward however we sometimes see owners who download their websites and then months later they have incomplete and unfinished pages. Nothing says disorganized more than an incomplete website and remember this - the internet is the dominant marketing force in today’s world so take it seriously.

3. Dominating the Web in Your Specific Area

Creating a YouTube channel specifically for your C.O.B.R.A. services can give you a very significant advantage over your competition. Why this is so effective and how it works is laid out in detail in your instructor manuals so please revisit that section. Also maintaining a consistent blog on you C.O.B.R.A. website will supercharge your presence on the internet. Post about all things C.O.B.R.A. from adults, kids, active shooters, real estate etc. This will raise your Google Self-Defense listing in a hurry.


Your Turn

So if you are a serious self-defense professional, sit down and put in a little work, it makes a huge difference. Just getting by is not good enough for a real C.O.B.R.A. Self-Defense professional.

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