COBRA Fit Business

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Online Instructor COBRA Fit™ Certification Training
  • View the Online Training System on all aspects of teaching the COBRA Fit™ program, including Video Tutorials.
  • View Marketing Video Tutorials.
  • 24/7 Access to the Teaching and Marketing Materials.
  • Complete and Comprehensive Online Testing.
  • Instructor/Marketing Operations Manual (digital download and hard copies mailed to you).
  • Startup brochures and student books PLUS instructor packet mailed to you with instructor t-shirts.
  • Goal Setting Book Series - great for motivation and marketing (digital download).
  • Over 150 royalty-free fitness pictures for additional ad creation and social media marketing.
  • Video or Phone Conference scheduled to answer questions and get started fast.
  • 30 start-up combinations in the Instructor Manual.
  • COBRA Fit™ start up ads for print, emails and social media, plus official logo for starting fast (digital).
  • Upon completion, receive your official COBRA Fit™ Certificates and Instructor T-Shirts.
  • and much more.
COBRA Fit™ Certification Package Mailed to You

Once you complete the COBRA Fit™ Instructor Certification Training and pass the online tests, we will mail you your official COBRA Fit™ Instructor Certification, and your other official COBRA Fit™ material.

COBRA Fit™ License

The monthly COBRA Fit™ Licensing Fee allows you to use the COBRA Fit™ name and continued access and use of all the provided COBRA Fit™ materials, as well as support from COBRA™ creator, Chris Sutton.

Instructors agree to pay the monthly licensing fee for 12 months. After the initial 12 months, the license agreement is month-to-month. Read the full license agreement here.

COBRA Fit™ Marketing System

Once you complete the COBRA Fit™ instructor certification training and pass the online tests, get up and running fast with marketing materials such as social media resources, up-sell letters, sample email letters, online and print advertisements, brochures, custom website, as well as COBRA Fit™ branding materials like logos, t-shirt designs, certificate designs and much more that are downloadable from your account, 24/7.

Not only do we provide the tools, we also provide comprehensive information about when and how to market, use of social media and more. We will also send you a physical package in the mail of COBRA Fit™ marketing material.

Direct Support from COBRA™ International Headquarters

We are serious about providing great support. You will have access to COBRA Fit™ Creator, Chris Sutton, with his direct phone number and email. Talk with Corporate directly to get your questions answered.

Exclusive Territory

Secure your exclusive COBRA Fit™ Training Facility territory. No other COBRA Fit™ Training Facilities will be granted access to your territory for as long as you remain a licensed COBRA Fit™ Training Facility. Your territory is a 5-mile radius from your base location (except in very rare cases of especially densely populated areas such as Manhattan, NYC, for example.)

24/7 Training & Video Access

After your COBRA Fit™ certification is complete, you will continue to have 24/7 access to all training videos and online material for as long as you are a licensed COBRA Fit™ Facility.

Get Listed as an Official COBRA Fit™ Facility

Get listed as an official COBRA Fit™ Training Facility on the official COBRA Fit™ Training Facility Locator and elsewhere.

Wholesale Merchandise Discounts

As an official COBRA Fit™ Training Facility you will get wholesale pricing for COBRA Fit™ merchandise which you can sell to your students.

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