The COBRA Anti-Bully Action Plan Gets Recruited By The Governors Office In Iowa.

 Press Release: January 23rd 2015

New Law Enforcement Inspired Bully Program Replaces Frustration with Action


Our Cobra Anti-Bully Program was the focal point of  Cobra Anti-Bully Instructor Amy Ratekin’s presentation to the Lt. Gov. and the Chief of Staff of the state of Iowa. As a result, Amy has been recruited as an expert on the forefront of Iowa's bully fight.She will be working with the Iowa Department of Education on implementing the Cobra Anti-Bully Program.


One of the difficulties facing parents, teachers and, obviously victims of bullying is that rarely is there a practical, proven process for preventing, preparing for and dealing with a bully.


When a bully situation arises the victim's parents have one perspective, school administration has another and even the family of the bully may be supportive of what they perceive as their child’s “leadership qualities.”

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COBRA helps you become proactive at recognizing early warning signs.


Early Recognition and Prevention

Every bullying situation has a story line. Sadly, too many families find out about the bullying too far along in that story. In the worst case, they find out upon the suicide of their child.


The Cobra Anti-Bully Action Plan helps families take control of the story line long before any bullying ever occurs.


The Cobra plan is a law enforcement inspired program that is non-violent and non-confrontational. It is ideal for bully victims of all ages. However, this description will focus on school-age bullying.


The Cobra plan teaches families how to conduct family meetings and ongoing “green light” conversations. The family meetings are designed to bring the entire family into focus on how the family will deal with “bad things” when they inevitably arise, including bullying.


For instance, in the meeting parents will review the typical day for the child from wake up to bedtime. This "chain of custody" process reveals periods of time when the child is at most risk for bullying. These are times when the child is in, “shark-infested water.” That is typically is free time in the courtyard, unsupervised time at a bus stop, and any other time where children are at higher risk.


The family then formulates a plan to mitigate the time spent at risk while in or around shark-infested water.


Dealing with an Alleged Bully

The Cobra Anti-Bully Action Plan is a law enforcement based protocol that uses the step-by-step methods of an investigation to track, document, and report the actions of an alleged bully.


Central to that protocol is how to “build a case” using evidence logs recording time, date, method of abuse, witnesses, photos, and videos.


Next, that evidence is reported to officials following a clear process for maximum protection of the victim.


The COBRA Ant-Bully Plan is a great resource for parents and instructors.

The COBRA Ant-Bully Plan is a great resource for parents and instructors.

Getting All of the Ladders on the Same Wall

Because the Cobra Anti-Bully Action Plan is non-violent and non-confrontational, it is ideal for preparing families and potential victims of all ages to deal with bullying.


Essentially, the plan gives everyone involved a clear step-by-step protocol that lays out clearly what to expect throughout the process.


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