Seasoned Martial Artist Are Finding C.O.B.R.A. Self-Defense a Perfect Fit For Their Business.

Why do so many Black Belts and Masters of Martial Arts become Certified Instructors in COBRA Self Defense Systems?


I've asked myself this question many times over the last 18 months since we became an authorized COBRA training center, the only one in Colorado, and it isn't easily answered.  I believe there are many reasons why the COBRA system speaks to many martial arts practitioners, but there are a few main reasons why skilled martial artists have decided to become instructors.


The Fort Collins Colorado Cobra training center has 9 current certified instructors.  Eight of the instructors are black belts and have been training for many years.  Why is this?  What would make someone who has spent 20 years of their life training in martial arts want to become an instructor in a self defense system?


One of the biggest reasons is applicabilityThe COBRA system has shown itself to be easily applied to beginners and experts.  The movements and techniques are general and can be applied under high stress.  During the first 10 week academy that we held, most of our black belts decided to take the academy.  One of them is a bigger guy, muscular (6'4) and an accomplished martial artist.  We also had a few women that were total beginners.   He commented to us that by the end of the 10 weeks, he believed that the beginners could escape and defend themselves against most attackers including someone of his size.

That says a lot because he is not an easily impressed person and has trained for over 15 years.  We also had a woman who did our first 10 week academy that was a beginner in martial arts.  She will tell you about the encounter she had while she was in the academy in next month's issue, but needless to say, just the bladed stance and shouting "get back" was enough to deter a possible attacker.


After the first academy, almost all of our black belts wanted to become certified instructors.   They absolutely loved the way that the COBRA system is put together and really felt that the scenario training was one of the key things that made it special.



I knew that COBRA was something unique when I first heard about it from my instructor, but I didn't realize how unique until I saw my fellow black belts make the decision to become instructors totally due to the merits of the system without any pressure from others.  Great minds think alike, right?


The Dojo in Fort Collins has 9 certified instructors and there are 3 more coming soon.  That should tell anyone reading this article that COBRA is for real and here to stay!





Shihan Silas Beaner / Certified C.O.B.R.A. Self-Defense Instructor

The Dojo