New Zealand’s C.O.B.R.A. Training Center: Where Fitness Meets Reality

New Zealand Training Center: Where Fitness Meets Reality- March 2015

When you think of self-defense instructors, what comes to mind?

Is it the stereotypical tough guy or the lifetime martial arts instructor?  A professional self-defense instructor is as good as their reality-based credentials. Our New Zealand instructors specialize in a variety of fitness programs, from Zumba and aqua fitness to group fitness classes. They also are certified message therapists. Wow -  talk about breaking the stereotype for self-defense instructors.

Branding Self-Defense In New Zealand and making an Impact at Fusion Fitness South.

Branding Self-Defense In New Zealand and making an Impact at Fusion Fitness South.



Bailey McCulloch and Tanya McEwan run Fusion Fitness South out of the Y.M.C.A branch in New Zealand. They brought the first C.O.B.R.A. training center to New Zealand, making them self-defense pioneers in their country.




They are doing it in a new way and demonstrating the power and flexibility of the C.O.B.R.A. Self-Defense program.  Being a  licensed C.O.B.R.A training center isn’t just for hard core martial arts studios that offer only combative classes. You can run C. O.B..R.A. within an existing business that has a variety of different classes. From fitness  and message to self-defense, they are succeeding with C.O.B.R.A. in a unique and refreshing fashion.

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This month’s Self-Defense Professional Magazine cover story is New Zealand’s  Fusion Fitness South.


When and how did you start out in training , self-defense, mixed martial arts or the fitness industry?

Tanya started working in the fitness industry fourteen years ago as a Personal Trainer and Zumba instructor; she has owned her own business in Invercargill ever since. Bailey has been working in the industry for the past three years as both a Massage Therapist and Personal Trainer. We have both always had an interest in self-defense and its importance. Just in the last 6 months, we decided to start Fusion Fitness South and incorporate C.O.B.R.A into our program. We did a lot of research into finding a comprehensive self-defense system, but found a lot of programs were lacking in certain aspects. When we found C.O.B.R.A, we knew it was perfect.  The physical and scenario-based aspects of the program fitted perfectly with Fusion.


Fusion Fitness South Home Of New Zealands First C.O.B.R.A. Training Centers.

Fusion Fitness South Home Of New Zealands First C.O.B.R.A. Training Center.

How has C.O.B.R.A added value to your business?

When we started Fusion, our goal was to make it a one stop fitness and health center. The ability to offer such high quality  self-defense classes to our clients has set us apart from other fitness centers and created huge interest. C.O.B.R.A has given us many new financial options and opened a lot of new business ventures. We have found C.O.B.R.A is giving us skills to help our clients feel confident and empowered, which have been hugely beneficial to Fusion on a whole.


What are your training/business goals in the next three years?

Our goal is to grow Fusion as a business.  We want to be running more fitness classes and bringing our C.O.B.R.A program to other areas of New Zealand.  We want Fusion Fitness to be seen as self-defense experts. In the next 3 years, we are aiming to have more trainers on board and in turn, be able to offer more C.O.B.R.A academy options to our clients.

What do you enjoy the most about been a self-defense instructor?

We love helping our clients gain the skills to feel safe, strong and independent. The response to C.O.B.R.A has been huge. It’s such an awesome feeling knowing you can have a positive impact on someone else's life.

Tanya and Bailey Taking Every Opportunity to Train, and Have Fun While They Do It.

Tanya and Bailey Taking Every Opportunity to Train, and Have Fun While They Do It.

If you only had five minutes to train somebody, what would be the most valuable survival skill you would teach them?

We would definitely teach getting off the tracks and vocalization.

Describe your school, its location and the programs offered.

Fusion Fitness South is located at the Y.M.C.A. gym, in its Invercargill, New Zealand branch. Fusion is a one stop fitness and health center that offers Personal Training, Massage Therapy, Zumba Fitness, F.I.T (Functional Interactive Training) group fitness training and self-defense. We offer a range of different group fitness classes including boxing, aqua classes, group strength workouts and cardio-based programs.

If someone is interested in joining as a COBRA Instructor/school, what would you tell them?

We would definitely tell them to go for it. C.O.B.R.A is an awesome self-defense program that is miles ahead of the rest. The knowledge, support and guidance you receive is exceptional.


Tanya : Tanya is Fusion’s veteran instructor, and Zumba queen! She has been in the industry for over 14 years. Tanya has a vast knowledge and years of experience in the fitness industry. She is a qualified F.I.T, C.O.B.R.A, Zumba, and  Aqua Instructor and Personal Trainer.


Bailey: Bailey is Fusion’s very own massage therapist, specializing in injury rehabilitation. She has exceptional knowledge of the human body and has completed a degree in therapeutic and sports massage and a post graduate certificate in rehabilitation. Bailey is also a qualified C.O.B.R.A instructor, F.I.T Instructor and Qualified Personal Trainer.

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