Expanding The C.O.B.R.A. Brand – COBRA Fit: Coming Soon to a Training Center Near YOU!


Easy to Sell – Easy to Teach – Market Tested - Brand Consistency

The fitness market is huge and the demand for C.O.B.R.A to develop a complete and comprehensive fitness program within the brand has been ongoing for years. We have been market testing and running the COBRA Fit program at the Clearwater headquarters for well over a year and now we are offering this fitness business model globally.

We have expasinlge cobrafitnded the C.O.B.R.A. brand with a complete fitness program for instructors and schools. Later this month, we will be rolling out COBRA Fit, Kickboxing and Weight Loss – A Real Fitness Solution.  This program REALLY delivers!  We put together a Training Manual that is part motivational, part informational, and ALL interactive, combining Fitness Kickboxing, Strength & Resistance Training, and a complete Nutritional component.

The Program is a 10 Week program that begins with a full orientation to explain what each participant is expected to do throughout the program.  Then each participant takes a two tiered Fitness Evaluation on the first day, fifth week, and tenth week.  The evaluation includes body fat %, body weight (level 1), and then flexibility, upper body strength, abdominal strength, and cardiovascular endurance (level 2).  The COBRA Fit member will have the ability to chart his or her progress along the duration of the 10 week program and actually see measurable improvements as the weeks go by.

Professional Marketing & Manual Designs.

Professional Marketing & Manual Designs.

The Training Manual has places for COBRA Fit members to answer some important questions about goal-setting and different ways for them to actually achieve the goals once they are set.  The Program is completely outlined.  The way the program is set up sets it apart from the “gym scene” and it builds unity which transitions into retention. It’s group personal training without the personal training price tag.

The entire Fitness Kickboxing workout is laid out from start to finish.The Strength & Resistance Training section has full descriptions of each exercise and pictures of the start and mid-point.  We’ve put a very manageable nutritional segment in this manual with an easy-to-follow point system.  Each week has a corresponding Daily Workout & Nutrition Tracking Log, a place to track the Fitness Kickboxing, the Strength & Resistance, and the food/water intake.



Custom Branded Shirts , Gloves , Bags and Other COBRA FIT Merchandise.

Custom Branded Shirts , Gloves , Bags and Other COBRA FIT Merchandise.


You will have the following fitness revenue streams:

*10 week fitness  or 5 weeks ( depending on owners preference)

*Regular adult fitness classes – same workouts  after they complete course or if they don’t want a structured 10 or 5 weeks you can sign them up for monthly kickboxing & strength training classes.

*Personal training Classes- one on one for more intense and focused training. These are clearly more revenue and a great market by its self.

cobra fit cover 2Does that sound complete?  It doesn't stop there. We have even put in a section with healthy recipes and pages for members to write in their favorite recipes, as well!

We've even created an Instructor’s Manual.  It’s the companion to the Training Manual.  It explains how to run the program, run classes, market the program, sample classes, and more. We go to great lengths to make our programs “dummy proof” because complicated doesn't work or sell well.If your training center or school isn't tapping in to the fitness market, this will be a whole new revenue stream for you to connect to.


You will have access to equipment, manuals, merchandise, advertising, etc., very similarly to the way you access C.O.B.R.A. Self Defense.  As always, we will deliver every facet of this program so that you can hit the ground running and be successful quickly.  You can count on us to help you every step of the way when launching your own COBRA Fit 10 Week Program. There will be online and digital tools for you to use, learn from, and share.

By: Mark McKay, National Operations and G.M. of International Training Center